Commercial Dishwashers and Glass Washers

Ware washers can be categorised in two main types - fresh water and tank.

Fresh Water

In the same way as a domestic home dishwasher, the water is pumped in fresh for each cycle. Each wash can be selected for the task in hand and the wash is very thorough so you can be absolutely confident of a job well done. Popular models are the PG8055, PG8056 and PG8059.

Dishwashers in this category are found in many sectors such as ward ends, schools, staff rooms and offices (like the PG8080). Although freshwater dishwashers are very thorough they can still be very quick, some models on hot water supply and 32a electric can be capable of a wash in just 18 minutes.


If speed is of the essence then these are the machines for your needs, the shortest cycle is just 60 seconds, which has provision for up to 1320 plates (60 baskets per hour) if you can fill them and pre-rinse them quickly enough!

Tank machines such as PG8166 and reach these speeds by maintaining a large supply of water in the sump that is reused for the main wash of the next cycle with only the final rinse going in fresh. The plates are not dried like other dishwashers, the crockery is kept in racks and dries using latent heat.

Miele Professional dishwashers are leaders in the field with a wide choice starting from lower priced 'office' models, many machines that are WRAS compliant and specific machines meeting the department of health thermal disinfectant guidelines.

Recently released Miele models PG8164 and PG8165 are ideal for pubs and clubs with 45 second cycles and a possible throughput of up to 1188 plates or 3234 glasses per hour.

Hughes Trade are a true one-stop-shop for your dishwashing needs. From low priced domestic dishwashers to the very top end 85 degree fresh water machines we carry everything in-between. This means our advice will never be compromised by our ability to provide you with the correct product for your needs.

Contact Hughes Trade for a no obligation conversation about your usage requirements and to receive purchase and rental options to bring your ware washing to a tip top standard, ensuring you are getting the best results and the best deal.

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