Commercial Tumble Dryers

At Hughes Trade we offer a very wide choice of commercial grade tumble dryers, in fact the range is very comprehensive as there are seemingly machines for every task. View our commercial tumble dryers here.

Miele 'Little Giants' are available to handle up to a genuine 6.5kg load and both PT7136 vented and PT5135 condenser versions. Of course the more power you have on hand the quicker the job and the Miele range of tumble dryers are available in 13a, 25a and 3phase options to reduce your program timings.

Mirroring washers, the range travels through 8kg Profitronic L with the PT7186 and on to the 10kg to 40kg Profitronic B Plus and M ranges like the PT8253, all with automatic moisture sensing so that the load is ready for processing as quickly as possible and cutting out unnecessary and costly overruns.

The substantial slim-line tumble dryers offer 12-15kg loading in a small floor area offering very cost effective throughput, take a look at the PT8301. A recent addition to the range is a heat-pump version PT8203, a recently launched technology designed to reduce the cost of drying. It works similar to a fridge but in reverse, creating heat instead of cold by a condensing process. Results are staggering; a power monitor connected to a Little Giant in the test area has recorded as low as 16 pence an hour to run using current utility prices.

If space is at a premium stacking could be a solution. The Little Giants (5.5-6.5kg) can be stacked dryer over washer and dryer over dryer plus a popular model that gives two 8kg machines in the floor space of one, again either dryer over washer PWT6089 or dryer over dryer PT7189.

Hughes Trade are a true one-stop-shop for your laundry equipment needs. From low priced domestic 3kg compact dryers to the very top end 40kg Profitronic professional dryer we carry everything in between. This means our advice will never be compromised by our ability to provide you with the correct product for your needs.

Contact Hughes Trade for a no obligation conversation about your usage, requirements and to receive purchase and rental options to bring your laundry to a tip top standard ensuring you are getting the best results and the best deal. View our commercial tumble dryers online here. Can't see what you want? Give our commerical team a call on 01603 750440.

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