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Hughes Trade team members have decades of experience in supplying laundry services in a range of business sectors. Our extensive past experience stands us in good stead to recommend and suggest from knowledge gleaned from real life rather than brochures.

Across our effective service counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Kent, Sussex and much of Northamptonshire we have commercial laundry and ware washing customers of many types. This section summarises the popular business sectors but is by no means comprehensive.

Find our more about how we can best serve your sector:
Café & Restaurant Care
Coin Op Contract Cleaning
Emergency Equestrian
Hair & Beauty Health & Leisure
Holiday Parks Hospitals
Hotels & B&B Housing Associations
Industrial & Marine Local Government
Offices Private Houses
Schools & Colleges Trade Sales
Veterinary Managed Laundry Systems

Café & Restaurant

Café & Restaurant Starting in the kitchen we can assist with your dishwasher needs. There are two main types of dishwasher

  Freshwater - along the lines of your domestic dishwasher at home, that means as the dishwasher performs a cycle fresh water is taken in each time. The best results and with big power available, cycles of only 11 minutes are achievable.
  Tank - esigned for ultra-quick throughput of not-too-soiled plates, these machines maintain a collection of water from the previous rinse that is used for the initial cleaning of the next load. With timings down to just a couple of minutes, the race is on to prepare the next basket to load as soon as the previous one comes out to dry. With lots of covers in each sitting this is the dishwasher for you.

Moving to the laundry we are well placed to provide washing machines and dryers to keep your cloths, mops and towels in tip top condition. With stacking machines in 600mm wide (5.5-6.5kg) and 700mm wide (8kg), you can wash and dry a huge amount in a small floor area; you rarely need a laundry room.

Miele rotary ironers are the common choice for restaurants and small hotels, where the washing machines and extractors can be programmed to stop at just the right moisture levels for optimum ironing, typically a one person operation - all in house.

Finally, behind the bar we are also suppliers of the German made Miele and Hobart Bar Aid and Eco Max glass washers and dishwashers, a great solution to provide quick, quality glass cleaning too to keep all of your appliances under one umbrella for care.

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Care Providing good quality (and correct) laundry and ware washing facilities is an important prerequisite of the care industry. Hughes Trade is here to relieve you of the pressure, to provide specialist advice, products and on-going care of your appliances to allow you to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Do I need WRAS? What is WRAS anyway? I don't have much water pressure. Will it run off a 13a socket? Do I need a sluice machine? Can I get away with a domestic machine? Will gas dryers be cheaper? Whats a heat pump dryer, I hear they are cheap to run? Is a tank or freshwater dishwasher quickest? Which one is cheapest? Will they stack? Language may be a problem? Can I get spares? Do they do top loaders? How can I iron sheets? Isn't Miele too expensive? Can I squeeze a machine in here..?!

At Hughes Trade we will not supply a machine until we have made a full survey of the intended positioning of the product and have an understanding of the nature and size of the task intended. Our Senior Commercial Advisors with extensive experience are conversant with the requirements and restrictions placed on the care industry and will provide a free no obligation overview of the options along with pricing. With the widest choice of machines available to any company we will offer suggestions of the best considered for your needs and the reasons why.

Hughes Trade can offer straight supply, rental and aftercare options to suit your preference and budgetary restrictions.

You can rely on Hughes Trade to provide the correct machine for your needs, fitted correctly within current legislation and methods. You can also rely on Hughes Trade to provide support, and be on the end of the telephone to relieve you of the pressure long into the future.

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Coin Op

Coin Op While it is true that coin operated laundrettes are not as popular as they used to be, in some scenarios they are as popular as ever. Near students and in holiday areas they are viable proposition, a well-used and money making asset.

Hughes Trade can incorporate coin mechanisms in a large range of commercial washing machines and dryers, whether for tokens or coins, from domestic sized ‘little giants’ through 8kg and beyond.

A typical coin operation setup in a holiday park will comprise of a stacked pair of 8kg machines with the coin boxes mounted neatly on the front.

What you will need
  Ideally a minimum of 30amp supply to provide enough power for a quick programmes and cycle turnaround
  A dry room with a solid concrete or tiled floor, where the machines can be safely placed with enough space to get around them for servicing
  Suitable waste to allow a ‘domestic style’ drain pump output

You can even avoid the capital investment by renting your new ‘Coin Op’; we will supply the machines, coin box and installation to your services (service work can even be priced too). You pay a regular fixed monthly charge, which can even be adapted to match the seasonal shifts within your business. Provided you have the customers, it is well worth consideration.

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Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning How may cloths, mop heads and wipes get thrown out in your business every day even though they are not designed to be disposable?

Consider a scenario of sourcing slightly higher grade colour coded supplies and the purchase (or rental) of a Miele washer with bespoke programmes to clean and refresh exactly them to enable reuse. It is proven to be more cost effective AND better for the environment, your staff and clients will be happy, so will your accountant.

The most suitable machine with this functionality is the Miele PW5064, commonly but mistakenly called the ‘mop washer’ because it is a washing machine extractor that is capable of so much more. We can also offer large machines with washing and drying programmes tailored to your needs.

If your contract involves the efficient cleaning of other wares we can offer various styles of dishwasher to automate the task too.

Office dishwasher
Unlike a domestic machine that is slow, the Miele PG8080 is designed to be quick and built to last in an office or staff room environment. Miele freshwater dishwashers can get cycle timings down to just 18mins with the correct electricity supply.

Thermal Disinfection
If infection control of glasses, crockery and cutlery is important then the Miele TD models are essential for that scenario. Holding the recommended 82 degree temperature for two minutes.

Quick throughput
With speed being the primary concern, tank dishwashers are where to turn. For continuous cycles a tank dishwasher uses the previous wash rinse water to wash the next, before fresh water taken in again for the rinse. Either built under worktop or in a kitchen range these tank washers are the F1 of dishwashers with programmes down to two minutes (yes 2). The question is can the team make baskets up ready quick enough?

Other services
As a main dealer for many of the popular commercial vacuum cleaner brands, our sister company Trade Electricals Direct can help. Sebo, Numatic and Nilfisk to mention a few, for further information see

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Emergency For companies or industries using specialist equipment within their business we can offer bespoke Miele laundry solutions encompassing specialist machines, specialist programmes and specialist adaptations following decades of development in the factory and in the field.

Whether your items need extra care, waterproofing or are unusually shaped it is highly likely that a similar problem has been overcome before. An example would be a recently developed rack for securing face breathing masks during a wash, a solution that has been rolled out to allow multiple countries to benefit.

Keeping ownership of your items in an in house laundry brings additional benefits of a quick turn around and guaranteeing quality levels are maintained beyond question.

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Equestrian This is a sector where the correct commercial laundry machines are essential to ensure the blankets, covers and associated items are cleaned to high levels quickly and efficiently. With an on-site facility you are in control of standards and it means you can action a load as soon as it is ready, rather than having it sit around for collection.

With machines available from 5.5kg to 32kg your laundry can be provided to accommodate your needs, we can even include coin operation for open areas that can be easily operated by the public. Due to the unusual nature of a load we can recommend and offer a range of machines with specialized equestrian programmes and functionality.

Hughes Trade have extensive experience providing laundry services to the equestrian centre of Newmarket, the undisputed world centre of racing.

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Hair & Beauty

Hair & Beauty The hair and beauty sector normally face particular challenges, often the washing machine is squashed into a back room, cupboard or under stair and the areas starved of fresh air due to lack of space.

The Miele little giants are ideal for such scenarios, with their compact 600mm wide size and ability to be stacked dryer on top of washer. If there is more space an 8kg Octoplus stack can be utilised to give additional capacity. A popular technology to consider for regularly used dryers is the recently developed heat transfer technology, where the heat created for one cycle is maintained for the next bring excellent efficiencies in comparison with standard machines.

Our surveyors and installers will ensure you have suitable air flow to ensure the machines are breathing and working optimally and safely and Hughes Trade service engineers will offer quick response to repair your problem appliances and keep the seemingly continuous supply of towels and cloths flowing into your business.

We can create neat looking air intakes in a door for example, our guys know hair and beauty!

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Health & Leisure

Health & Leisure The provision of plump and fluffy towels and bath robes is prerequisite of a good leisure centre and spa. Whilst many companies contract out their cleaning for ease, it is actually the most expensive option, especially if you can utilise existing staff to perform the simple function as part of their day.

By bringing the laundry in to your business you are not only making the savings but taking control of the quality levels too, especially if you arrange quality machines. The space needed is less than you may think. Domestic sized Miele ‘little giants’ can be arranged in stacked pairs, so can their larger sibling the 8kg Octoplus. They look the part and will often be a welcome and reassuring sight to your guests.

Additional savings can be made for regularly used tumble dryers that use the heat transfer technology that utilised latent heat from the previous cycle to heat the next, rather like a fridge in reverse.

What a pleasure, to be handed a fresh quality towel in a health spa.

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Holiday Parks

Holiday Parks With the beautiful Norfolk Broads and a multitude of holiday parks peppering our operational area we are often required to provide back-room laundry and dishwashing solutions for the leisure industry. With a broad selection of manufacturers on stream we can suggest the correct ranges of machine for your needs and their operational costing.

For customer facing mini laundrettes we can offer an easy to use, basic programme machine with coin operation, set to the values that you nominate. A customer laundrette is a real benefit to some of our customers businesses.

It goes without saying that support of your new machines is as important as the purchase. To impress and entice your customers back each year, even the laundry products are demonstrating your attention to detail. Allow Hughes Trade to provide a facility to be proud of and if the capital expenditure is out of the question maybe rental is the way to go, it is fully tax deductible too.

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Hospitals Another sector needing to take contamination and bugs very seriously indeed, Miele are leaders in the industry and we can help from our past and on-going experience in the sector.

There are various things to consider, aside from size, when replacing a machine in a hospital or healthcare establishment.

Infection Control is key, thermal disinfection temperature levels can be reached and maintained on many of our models. Buyers may opt for the sluice functionality on machines that allows detritus to be ‘flushed away’ without the limitations of a pump drain.

The need for Ward Machines is somewhat different. In the small familiar domestic 600mm size we offer the Miele ‘little giant’ range with many of the facilities available on the large appliances. Infection control from thermal disinfection to easy familiar controls but more importantly in many cases the ability to stack a dryer on top of a washer. These domestic sized but properly commercial washers and dryers can also be arranged with coin or token operation for visitors. Customer Controlled Machines are an increasingly popular and self-financing service of some of the best hospital facilities.

Dishwashing models with hospital friendly infection control features are available from the standard Miele range with Thermal Disinfection programmes available by reaching and holding recommended (and even user defined) temperatures and time frames. The PG8059 HYGIENE professional dishwasher is a fully commercial thermal disinfection dishwasher which offers class leading results and a familiar, easy to use fascia from one of the leading German brands that your staff and customers trust, Miele.

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Hotels & B&B

Hotels & B&B Surely the last thing a busy hotel need is to worry about is doing the laundry?

Possibly not; there are various reasons for keeping the function in house:
  The quickest possible turnaround, with good machines and efficient operation you can have a load washed, dried and ironed in a couple of hours
  You are in control of quality levels, with good machines they will take care of your fabric, provide fluffy welcoming towels and never have to be loaded on a truck in the car park
  Less stock, your items remain on site

Moving out of the laundry and into the kitchen or back bar we can offer products to satisfy the needs of restaurants and gastro-pubs of various sizes. From top quality fresh water dishwashers offering as low as 11 minute wash cycles to the super quick 2 minute tank units that you find on a pass through dishwasher.

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Housing Associations

Housing Association The washing machines tumble dryers and dishwashers in sheltered housing schemes and housing associations need to have various attributes to make the project a success.

Compact size
Miele are the producer of some of the best laundry products made anywhere and as a main dealer we can recommend product ranges with remarkable small footprints and dryers stacked on top of washers to double efficiency of space. The ‘little giants ’ are just 600mm wide with 5.5 - 6.5kg loads they are perfect for a quick turnover of small and personal loads

Quick cycles
Much of the time taken on a domestic machine is heating up the water to the correct temperature, which shouldn't happen on a commercial machine due to the additional power available to the machine. A well run laundry with modern machines will turn around a load in around 90 minutes, including some ironing.

Fully featured
The Miele range of commercial washers, dryers and ironers have been developed over the years to encompass many ecological and fabric care features found on their multi-award winning domestic ranges.
  Miele were the designer and hold the patent for the honeycomb drums famous for the extreme care wash cycle that was demonstrated by an intact real red rose at the end.
  Infection control is high on the list of required features. With a well-maintained Miele range of commercial laundry you can be assured that the temperatures you need to reach during a wash are maintained and the chemicals are doing their job.
  A sluice function is a necessary feature in some housing association environments and for the little difference in supply and installation investment it can be a good route to take regardless. The sluice will allow detritus to be ‘flushed’ away, rather than pumped out through a small pipe.

Tough and resilient
All of the true commercial machines that we recommend and install are proper commercial machines that are engineered to last and designed for 35,000 operational hours. Unlike domestic machines the internals are predominantly metal and designed to repair rather than scrap and replace. Fittings such as door catches and surface parts are designed to be tough and resilient to wear. It is not uncommon for us to remove end of life Miele machines that have given faithful service for twenty years or more.

Easy to use
With the potential of multiple users at each site the machines need to be straight forward and clear. We will offer the best machines in this regard and offer training on how to use the controls which can then be fed back through your scheme.

Fit for purpose
Any commercial appliance that we supply will have been designed and carry a warranty for the housing association environment. As one of the suppliers of domestic machines in the UK we are very clear on the differences. A domestic machine will not offer the same build quality, sluice function, speed or availability of repair and won't have been designed and built to work for 35,000 hours.

Our Senior Commercial Advisors are on hand to discuss your requirement and make suggestions for replacement, update and efficiencies from his extensive experience and manufacturer training gained over many years.
  Anglia Region, Bob Kelly on 07703 470761 or
  Kent & Sussex, Simon Quinlan on 07718 250737 or

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Industrial & Marine

Industrial & Marine The commercial laundry and dishwasher products are designed and engineered to perform beyond domestic limits. The machines can be operational around the clock, they need to be of particular specification, rough treated and they can be asked to clean heavily and unusually soiled items.

Manufacturers such as Miele and Electrolux make industry specific adaptations to their machines following years of practical usage scenarios and feedback from dealers and customers.

We can offer machines with specialisms, such as:
  Stacking 5.5-6.5kg little giants and 8kg Octoplus to reduce the footprint
  Machines that run on marine specification electrical supply
  Machines with specially written programmes that are adapted to perform a particular function, for example extra rinses or specific temperatures
  Machines with one-touch programmed operation and Multilanguage control

Hughes Trade can offer advice and product suggestion on a wide range of industrial and marine scenarios.

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Local Government

Local Government A large part of our work is in the local government sector where we supply washing machines, dryers and dishwashers into sheltered and social housing, day care and centres.

Hughes Trade is fully conversant with WRAS water regulations and NHS Health Service Guidelines where machines must meet with certain minimum operational specifications. We can advise you of these during our visit to the scheme, where all aspects of the job are taken into consideration before recommendation and quotation including the task in hand, services and past knowledge.

Whether you need sluice functionality on your washer, a heat pump dryer would pay dividends in your laundry or the need for thermal disinfection on the dishwashers, our Senior Commercial Advisors are on hand to assist.

The most important part of this work from our point of view is the care and maintenance of local government machines. We are on call to attend breakdowns with the minimum of delay. It is not our intention just to make a deal with you, but to have a long relationship to care for your machines into the future.

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Offices Once a business gets to a certain size it can justify a dishwasher in the staff area. It's a similar story for the dishcloths, tea towels and hand towels where until this point they are not washed for weeks or taken home by the most helpful member of staff.

It may be false economy to by a domestic product for these purposes, firstly the warranty will be void when used in a commercial environment and secondly a commercial machine will do a much better job.

The Miele PG8080 is a dishwasher designed for office and staff room environments where a great wash and more importantly fast turnaround is required. Think of it as a turbo speed domestic machine that is made very well and simple enough to be used by all.

A washing machine stack, comprising of washer and dryer on top takes the space of a 600mm domestic washer with a quick, quality wash that is designed to work for years (35,000 cycles).

Super clean dryer-plumped towels and lovely clean crockery, what a great demonstration to staff and visitors of a well-run business. All supplied and supported by Hughes Trade.

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Private Houses

Private Houses Whether for the increased throughput, more solid build quality or longevity we are asked to supply commercial grade laundry and ware washing equipment into private houses.

There are multiple reasons for this. Miele ‘little giant ’ machines take up little more space than a standard domestic machine (they are only deeper, due to the heavier build), the fact that they can be stacked one on top of the other, that they are available to special order in a quality true stainless steel finish, that they are easy to use with clear ergonomic controls, that they offer the same garment care levels as the Miele domestic products or maybe simply because they are the very best?

At Hughes Trade we offer the same personal and professional service to private households, a Commercial Advisor will call to survey the intended situation and gauge the task in hand before offering suggestions and a free no obligation quotation for supply, fitting and on-going care of your investment.

An additional benefit of Hughes Trade is that if you do decide to go down the domestic appliance route we can help you with those too, we are impartial as we keep all options in stock.

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Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges The requirements within educational establishments are wide and diverse. A few of our regular requests

Coin or token operated washers can be supplied in stacked pairs in ‘standard’ 600mm size and oversize 8kg, plenty for a generous load. All of the machines can be programmed to self-dose that will protect your investment and ensure that the students are using the correct amount of detergent.

If you require larger machines to provide a fully serviced laundry then this will often be accommodated by using much larger machines that will need to be floor mounted due to their height and bulk.

Dish and Ware Washing
If you need a high quality, reasonably quick machine for a staff room or food technology area where a programme is run two or three times a day then our selection of fresh water dishwashers are best. With a typical internal dimension that of a domestic unit they are built to clean to high levels (including thermal disinfection) and offer quick turnaround (just 18 minutes on 3PH and a hot water supply)

If you are looking to provide dishwashing for fast moving canteen areas then tank type dishwashers are the preference. Remarkably quick cycles of 2 minutes are possible as the fresh rinse from the previous load is used to wash the next, which of course is already heated. These tank dishwashers are bought with multiple baskets to allow loads to be prepared and racked afterwards to dry, which is quite a sight when in full swing.

We are here to help and are fully trained with every aspect of our offering. Please get in touch with our Senior Commercial Advisors for details
  Anglia Region, Bob Kelly on 07703 470761 or
  Kent & Sussex, Simon Quinlan on 07718 250737 or

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Trade Sales

Trade Sales We are pleased to work with builders and architects at any stage of a project but we do prefer to be involved at the start to make things easier for everyone. With laundry products often regarded as final phase, the initial correct planning of a laundry project can pay dividends further down the line. Ensuring the correct services are in place and in the correct positions leads to swift and neat installs with no remedial work or costs.

Hughes Trade is often asked to work on new build and refurbishment projects and take great pride in our small part to assist in providing a quality scheme for the end user to the benefit of all.

We use CAD to produce detailed drawings to add to our quotations that can be supplied to your site for reference. With a multitude of machines at our disposal we have the benefit of a neutral position and will provide impartial advice dependent on the nature of the intended use.

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Veterinary Utilising the correct washers, dryers and dishwashers in a veterinarian practice is of the utmost importance.

Providing (properly) clean bedding, blankets, towels and cleaning fabrics is a must. Whereas a large domestic machine may appear to shift the worst and make the items smell ok, in reality it won't be long before a problem appears, with a machine or worse an animal in care.

Veterinarian practices are required to operate machines to WRAS level 5 to provide an air gap in the water supplies to ensure contamination does not travel back up the pipes. No domestic machines are rated to suit; they are not fit for purpose.

Vets and associated business need machines that
  Have a sluice function to shift detritus and hair away without causing blockages
  Have suitable (and reliable) temperature performance to kill bacteria
  Are quick enough to provide a swift turnaround so soiled items are not hanging about
  Can be stacked to minimise the space they take up
  Are easy to use, for when you have your hands full

It is also important that the machines are fitted properly and are maintained to correct specification so that they are running as required all of the time. This is where we come in, Hughes Trade has many veterinary customers, we know what is required and we know how important you machines are to your business.

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Managed Laundry Systems (AKA Route Operation)

Managed Laundry Systems If you have plenty of customers that need clothes to be washed and a safe, dry environment in which to place a small laundry then a route operation may be a good solution for your business.

As the equipment supplier Hughes Trade will provide new appliances, fitted with coin mechanisms, service them regularly and be on hand swiftly to remedy any faults. Periodically we will empty the coin boxes and bank the funds before providing you with a percentage of the takings.

In addition to the space, you will need to provide power, water and insurance. Hughes Trade takes care of everything else.

Route operations are particularly popular in halls of residence, laundrettes, sheltered housing, and residential schools.

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