Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances Services


Whether you are in need of a small heavy duty tumble dryer or a comprehensive multi-machine laundry scheme, Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances is here to assist - every step of the way.

From discussion, planning and design, help with product selection through installation, commissioning and then to the (most) important business of service and ongoing support - Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances provide all the services required of a business operator of washers, dryers, dishwashers and finishing equipment.

Services include sales and rental, with experienced Senior Advisors on hand to provide free laundry appraisals with no obligation. Servicing and repairs, with a host of fully trained and spares-carrying engineers dotted across the region. Installations of all kinds, performed to the highest of standards including gas, duct work, core cutting and electrical. Detergent auto dosing, showroom areas and more besides.

Allow Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances to look after your commercial laundry requirements and you can leave all the hard work to your appliances (and us).


Choose from one of our great value services:
New Machines - Sales and Lease New Machines - Rental
Installation and Commissioning Repair & Spare Parts
Service & Preventative Maintenance Detergents
Compliance Managed Laundry Systems
Scheme Audit & Design Domestic Appliances and Other Products

New Machines - Sales and Lease

Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances is dedicated to commercial laundry and ware washing. We are specialists in our field and fully trained and experienced in the requirements, obligations and provision.

A normal supply process will comprise:
  A visit to your premises to gain knowledge of the task and what you would like to achieve in hand and to ascertain what is needed, (including but not only) your power supply, water supply, drainage, inlet/ outlet air, access and proposed positioning
  A quotation based on our findings, often with a choice of a minimum and an ideal
  Once we have your go ahead we will discuss a fitting date with you and arrange for the necessary materials to be reserved
  On the day(s) of installation our installation crew will meet you on site before commencing work
  Following installation your machines will be tested and demonstrated prior to sign off
  Your original advisor will be on hand throughout the fix and post fix to ensure your laundry is working to plan

Customers can take confidence that Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances provides survey, planning, installation and servicing functions on behalf of Miele Professional in East Anglia as part of their on-going partnership with the most suitable authorised dealers. We are an official Miele Professional Partner.

We have some of the popular key models on display in our two sales offices in display mode so you can see how intuitive and easy they are to control. It is always best to phone ahead so that we can ensure the advisors are present to answer your questions.

Our Senior Commercial Advisors are Bob Kelly and Simon Quinlan, they will be pleased to visit your premises to discuss with you your specific requirements and to carry out a free of charge survey of the services and supplies to your equipment. They will then be pleased to provide you with a proposal and quotation for equipment that will be suited to your requirements.

To contact our Senior Advisors and arrange a free consultation please contact:
  Anglia Region, Bob Kelly on 07703 470761 or
  Kent & Sussex, Simon Quinlan on 07718 250737 or

We look forward to being of service; we are not flash, but we are trustworthy, competitive and keen to please.

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New Machines - Rental

At Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances, service forms the backbone of our operations; in fact our company (Hughes Electrical) is the largest renter of domestic electrical products in the UK with over 100,000 products with over 70,000 customers at any one time. We understand the importance of keeping our customers happy, by keeping our machines well maintained and working to expectation.

Our rental proposal is increasingly popular. The benefit of modern, well serviced and fully effective machines in exchange for a fully tax deductible fixed monthly charge.

Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances rental is limited to the following counties to ensure our service levels are maintained. Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Kent and Sussex.

Hughes Trade Rental includes:
  Decommissioning and removal of outgoing machines
  Installation to existing services
  An annual service and inspection including preventative maintenance tasks and advice
  Unlimited repair with priority “drop everything” callout for unscheduled breakdown
  Machine replaced with a comparable unit should it become uneconomic to repair

Because of our independent status, Hughes Trade rental contracts are flexible. Shorter terms than many of our competitors are available, with payments being paid either monthly or annually in advance.

Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances offer to rent you a brand new Miele Professional “Little Giant” washing machine, installed to your existing services from less than £4.00 a day (subject to suitability).

*Renting from Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances is an all-inclusive fee however customers are responsible for the care and well-being of our machines, including insurance. Also any additional works required (such as drainage or water supply upgrades) to bring the services up to specification, which will be made absolutely clear during the site survey and can be settled separately or as part of the single rental fee.

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Installation and Commissioning

Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances installations are performed by a strong team in Neil and Ike. They are admired due to their measured and professional approach to all aspects of every fit.

Our installation outfit has been equipped with the highest quality tools, materials and supplies to ensure once on site the job is followed through to completion first time - every time. With no corners cut you can be assured that any additional ducting, drainage and supply work is completed to the very highest standards.

Our installation team are comprehensively prepared for every eventuality
  Fully trained
  Fully insured
  Fully tooled and equipped
  Enthusiastic, conscientious and very experienced

All Hughes Trade installations follow a set and proven procedure to ensure the project is managed to completion with the minimum of fuss and snags. By the time our installation engineers are on site they will have been briefed by your advisor.

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Repair & Spare Parts

Our commercial engineers and the service they provide are at the heart of our business.

As an authorised Miele Partner Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances can be relied on to perform repair to your appliance to the strict criteria set out by Miele. All of our engineers are Miele trained; carry the most up to date computerised Miele diagnostic systems (unlike non-Miele partners) and most popular spares to satisfy the majority of issues on a first call in many cases.

In addition to being fully trained, Hughes Trade insures all personnel are:
  Fully insured
  Have the correct PPE and are fully conversant with site etiquette
  In possession of CRB certificate, that can be produced on request
  Carry suitable and fully operational tools to perform the function required
  Carry the most popular genuine Miele (and other) spares to perform first visit repairs
  Carry the Miele Diagnostic equipment ONLY available to genuine service partners

Hughes Trade skilled and fully trained service engineers are utilised by Miele Professional to service repair and install the machines of the largest national, multi-centre customers in East Anglia on their behalf.

It is important to note that Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances is a professional main dealer with multiple engineers. Contrary to what you may be told, independent service companies will not have the latest Miele diagnostic software or be as quick access to genuine spare parts.

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Service & Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance visit is when one of our fully trained engineers thoroughly checks your machines are working correctly and that there are no signs of forthcoming problems.

The engineer will work through a set procedure
  Tightness of bolts
  Secureness of machine and plinth, where necessary
  Visual and audible check of components
  Diagnostic check, where possible
  Joints and pipes
  Scale check
  Vents and blockages
  Gas safety check, where necessary
  Plus, a clean before it is put back together

Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances preventative maintenance visits are less expensive than you may think. As they are non-urgent, they take place around other jobs and therefore can be provided without any callout charge. You only pay a set fee for the engineer’s time on site.

The preventative maintenance check is for your machines, it does not normally include ducts beyond practical reach of the machine. However, these will be checked and if these need cleaning it will be reported back to you and we can quote a competitive price for our installation team to remedy as a separate job for your peace of mind.

Preventative maintenance visits are booked on the normal service line, contact:
  Anglia - contact Heidi and Hannah on 01603 750440 or
  Kent - contact Jo on 01634 294400 or

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Commercial washing machines (and some dishwashers) have the option for us to fit pumps that will provide the exact measure of detergent for each process.

There are various benefits:
  The exact amount is administered, meaning the wash is optimised
  Compliance, you can be assured that the right fluid is being used and in the right quantity
  Money saving, a commercial benefit to buying detergent in bulk
  Less mess, the detergent is pumped through the rear of your machines
  One supplier, Hughes Trade can look after your machines and pumps in one
  One thing less for the operator to worry about

We can provide detergent pumps as part of a machine rental or you can buy the pumps yourself if you would like free reign on the detergent you buy. Alternatively Hughes Trade will loan and set up your pumps if we are your detergent supplier.

Contact you local senior advisor for details:
  Anglia Region, Bob Kelly on 07703 470761 or
  Kent & Sussex, Simon Quinlan on 07718 250737 or

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Hughes Trade provide compliance inspection and safety checks for many customers that need to ensure their machines are working to required levels

Gas Safety - Annual Gas Safety Report CP12
  Temperature checks
  Timing checks

They are also less expensive than you may think as they can be planned in advance or scheduled around other jobs. For compliance checks there is therefore no callout charge, you only pay a reasonable fixed charge for the service.

Compliance inspections and safety checks are booked on the normal service lines:
  Anglia - contact Heidi and Hannah on 01603 750440 or
  Kent - contact Jo on 01634 294400 or

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Managed Laundry Systems (AKA Route Operation)

A managed laundry system is where you supply a safe environment, the utilities and regular customers and we provide the investment - good quality machines with coin operation and keep them fully serviced. We collect the takings, bank it and regularly provide you with a statement and split.

These route operations are particularly popular in halls of residence or laundrette scenarios but can also be worth considering for the leisure sector.

The keys to a successful route operation are:
  A regular supply of customers, who will use the machines respectfully
  A sound environment, conducive to obtain the point above
  Good quality machines, giving customers confidence (and promoting point 1)
  Very swift remedy of faults, giving you confidence
  Prompt and detailed accounting

If you consider that a route operation may be workable in your business, feel free to get in touch with your local senior advisor for a chat
  Anglia Region, Bob Kelly on 07703 470761 or
  Kent & Sussex, Simon Quinlan on 07718 250737 or

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Scheme Audit & Design

On the face of it there is no easier task to site new washers and dryers in a smart new area, but over the years we have been involved on projects where a little assistance at the beginning would have saved a great deal of time and trouble, not only for the builders but also the machine operators of the scheme for years to come.

Our Hughes Trade Commercial Appliances advisors have worked on multiples of laundries over the years, in buildings of all shapes, sizes, ages and budgets; we can and will be pleased to help from as early stage as possible.

  Is there room to service the machines?
  How many machines do we need?
  Can an engineer get behind to regularly clean the ducts?
  How much inlet air do I need to move?
  Which way does the door open?
  What size do the services need to be?
  Can you get the necessary machines through the door?
  Specifying the power, water supply and waste requirements?
  Is the floor suitable for a pair of 600kg washing machines?
  Current legislation and best practice?

Following qualifying questions as to the intended use and throughput, a gauge of the budget and the services available for the project our advisors can provide a detailed CAD drawings of the scheme within our report and quotation that can be used throughout the project. They will also be on hand to visit periodically to ensure the services are on plan as the earlier snags are remedied the better for all concerned.

Once the site is open to our professional installer we will get to work to provide your scheme, as specified to plan – first time.

Hughes Trade provides free, no-obligation laundry appraisals

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Domestic Appliances and Other Products

Our sister department Hughes Trade is one of the largest providers of domestic electrical products to trade and business. This means we can satisfy any electrical need you may have, all at beneficial trade pricing.

As a company our stock is vast, at any time we have £15m of brand new stock unsold and ready for direct delivery in our warehouses.

Products groups held in stock:
  ‘White goods‘
    •  Commercial laundry, dishwashing and others
    •  Domestic appliances, both built-in and freestanding from all the famous brands
    •  Small kitchen appliances, such as kettles and toasters
    •  Vacuum cleaners, steamers and of course Henry's

  ‘Brown goods‘
    •  Home, hotel and care home televisions
    •  Audio of many kinds
    •  Brackets, cables and accessories

  ‘Grey goods‘
    •  Laptops
    •  Tablets

Feel free to click the links on the header of our site to browse some of the products on offer

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