Dusty Bin DB03

6L Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner with 700W

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  • Type


  • Type
    An upright is great for large carpeted areas. A cylinder is ideal for difficult to reach areas and hard flooring. A stick vacuum combines the portability of a handheld vacuum cleaner with the reach of an upright cleaner.
  • Dust Collection
    Dust is either collected into a bag or into a cannister.
  • Filter Type
    Filters remove dust particles, mites and pollen.
  • Additional Tools

    Crevice Tool & Upholstery Brush

  • Power
    The higher the wattage/voltage the more powerful the vacuum cleaner motor.
  • Air Watts
    Air watts measure the amount of suction created by the cleaner, the higher the air watts the more suction is created. Cylinder cleaners often have higher air watts than uprights due to the different construction, though all uprights and some cylinders have a beater bar and this helps the cleaning performance
  • Dust Capacity
    Maximum capacity that the cleaner can hold.
  • Allergy Filtration
    HEPA filtration is design to retain the highest levels of allergy-causing particles. This is ideal for people who have concerns about or suffer from Asthma or allergies.
  • DST-DB03
  • DST-DB03
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The Dusty Bin is a compact and robust cleaner that gives you great cleaning and efficiency results.

The 700W motor produces 538 Air Watts so it can get all the dust and dirt particles from your carpets and hard floor surfaces. It is then stored in the large 6L bagless storage which can be easily emptied.

With the adjustable stainless steel tubes on the flexible hoe it can reach up to 2.6m, allowing to get to those harder to reach areas. Fit the crevice tool and get in to those tight areas too.

It is lightweight at just 4.9kg when empty and an A energy rating.

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