Laundry Route Operations

If you have the customers / tenants and space for a laundry room then we can supply the machines, knowledge and service team to provide a joint route operation (also known as route agreement) with no upfront cost and shared revenue.

Main benefits

• Free on-site (no obligation) consultation
• Shared revenue agreement
• No upfront costs - we own and supply the machines
• No repair bills - we cover all servicing and maintenance costs

How does it work?

As a route operator, we supply your laundry room with coin operated or cashless payment system machines and all the necessary equipment for your tenants, students etc to wash and dry their laundry. We will install, service and maintain the machines (upgrading and replacing when necessary) and share the revenue with you.

No upfront costs

There are no upfront costs to you, the property manager, as we retain ownership of the equipment. All you need to do pay is the utility bills and let us know if a machine goes down.

Flexible contracts

We have flexible contract lengths starting at a 5 year term and provide coin collection services with detailed reporting. Our packages can be tailored to suit your specific needs - whether you need a brand new laundry or want to make your current setup more profitable, we can help you decide the best option for your needs.

At Hughes Trade, we provide outstanding service and have a proven track record in the supply and maintenance of laundry equipment. Our robust commercial laundry machines are energy and water efficient, easy to use and built-to-last.

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about how our managed laundry and route operation services can benefit you, please get in touch:
     • 1. Contact our Commercial Team on 01603 750440
     • 2. Send a message to anytime and we'll get in touch with you
     • 3. Contact us via our online Live Chat service during business hours

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