Tefal GC713D40 4 Portion OptiGrill Plus Health Grill

Tefal GC713D40 4 Portion OptiGrill Plus Health Grill

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Product specification
Dimensions : H:165mm x W:360mm x D:370mm
Colour : Stainless Steel
Portions : 4
Non-Stick Plates : Yes
Removable Plates : Yes
LED Indicator : Yes
Dishwasher Safe : Yes
Drip Tray : Yes
Floating Hingles : Yes
Variable Temperature : Yes
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Product details
Grill beyond your wildest dreams with the Tefal GC713D40 - OptiGrill + has been lovingly crafted so that you have endless control over what you want to grill and how. Combining temperature control, 6 cooking programmes, cooking level indicator and automatic sensor cooking the Tefal GC713D40 delivers professional standard cooking in a compact size and at an affordable cost.

The perfectly designed 7 degree sloping angled grill means that upkeep of your GC713D40 is a breeze - any access oil, grease and fat drips down into the included extra-large capacity drip tray meaning not only is the clean up a breeze but you're embarking on healthier, low-fat meals for all of the family.

With four separate manual temperature controls the GC713D40 gives you the option of grilling vegetables, paninis or sandwiches to your preference. The 6 separate cooking programmes make it easy to determine how best to use your grill, these include burger, poultry, sandwich, sausage, red meat and fish - the GC713D40 really couldn't make its controls more self-explanatory.

We all have preferences on how we want our steaks cooked and the cooking level indicator makes it easier than ever for your steak to be cooked to perfection. Choose from a range of range, medium to well-done - the GC713D40 beeping when it reaches each new stage - and cook your meal exactly how you like it every time. Your GC713D40 is intuitive and can measure the thickness of your meat and automatically adjusts the temperature to ensure a perfect grill every time. Both the cooking plates and the drip tray are dishwasher safe so that the upkeep of your GC713D40 is as easy and quick as possible.